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How It Works


Congratulations! You’ve been invited to join by a friend who wants to share their place with you. It can be somewhere they own themselves or accommodations someone else has shared with them. 

Accept the Terms and Conditions to join your friend’s network and become a part of the Two Degrees community.


Sharing is caring! Contribute to the community by being generous with your network and your second degree network. Become a host and share your home, a room, your vacation house, or any other accommodation you have access to. All you have to do is create the property listing on Two Degrees.

Creating the listing!

  • Who will you share this accommodation with? You can choose between your primary network (your direct friends) or your second degree network (friends of friends).

Coming soon: Become a Guide! 

  • Maybe you can’t or don’t want to share your home but you can share experiences with your network of friends. Add to your friends’ trip by becoming a virtual or participating guide. Share yourself, your time, and your knowledge about your community with your guests.


You’re a member now!  Go ahead and invite other trusted friends and family to join so they can see and enjoy the same accommodation benefits as you.

Be active in managing your network. Create new connections or remove connections you no longer wish to have. It’s up to you. Remember, your actions and the actions of those in your network help maintain a culture of safety and trustworthiness, so consider carefully those that you invite into your trusted network.

Generosity doesn’t have to be one-sided. Invite those into your network that you believe would be great contributors into your community, who embrace the spirit of sharing, and perhaps have a primary or secondary home that you’d love to visit.


Discover: Search for Hosted Experiences based on location, availability, and an array of other factors.

Request: Once you choose where you want to visit, make a request of the Host.

Coordinate: Talk to the Host and check their availability, set expectations, and solidify timing for the visit.

Reserve: After you’ve worked out the details, your Host will confirm the reservation. They’ll give you more details about your stay to ensure you have a great time. 

Engage: Now it’s travel time! Journey to your destination knowing you have a Host who has suggestions to help make it an experience you will treasure forever.

Review (Coming Soon): Finally, express your gratitude towards your Host. Be honest! Hosts and Travelers are all able to review the experience after it’s over. Give your host a compliment and express your gratitude. Remember, this isn’t a Yelp review, so keep it casual. Write your review as something you would say to your host in person.


Sharing not only accommodations, but also experiences with a second degree (friend of a friend) connection can lead to a new friendship.

Through Two Degrees, you can elevate that friend of a friend to a connection by requesting a direct connection in the Members Directory. If they agree that this is a new trusted connection, then they will accept and make you a trusted contact.

By creating a new direct connection with this formerly friend of a friend, both of you increase your access to discover new experiences, as formerly third degree connections are now part of your Two Degrees community.